Popular International Beat Production Battles

Red Bull Big TuneAs we mentioned before, the Red Bull Big Tune beat battle has been one of the most popular competitions in the United States. Since it’s retirement a few years ago, we have no seen many big name battles that have been able to compete on an international level.

Coast2Coast Producer ShowcasesCoast2Coast has competitions all over the US in Miami, Los Angeles, New York and more. Plus they also have artist and producer showcases where you can simply showcase your newest music to a panel of recognized industry vets. They provide detailed feedback which helps to further your career within the industry.

BBMBesides Coast2Coast, there has been another battle that has risen to the forefront. It is now considered a very high profile competition ever since one particular producer has made a name from himself as a result of winning. If you haven’t guessed it we’re talking about the battle of the beatmakez in Toronto, Canada. And the producer? None other than Boi-1da. As a Canadian producer, he’s produced for some of the best artists in many different genres. Although he does still make some really good hip hop instrumental music.

Many producers have entered this competition since and it has helped them to reach a better status within the urban scene.

If you’re considering entering a battle we highly recommend starting out with Coast2Coast and working your way up to battle of the beatmakez. The reason being is that Coast2Coast is free, while battle of the beatmakez costs money just to enter. BBM charges every entrant a fee, while most competitions only charge you if you pass the screening process and have qualified to battle.

Dope Live Hip Hop Beat Battles

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