Urban Shows & Vaporizer Conventions

Over the past few years I’ve been starting to notice a big trend in the vaping community. Blowing big clouds is the goal of most vape enthusiasts and if your device isn’t capable then its not looked not looked at as a desirable unit.Cloud Vapor

With that being said, you would be amazed at the number of different vaporizer conventions that offer prizes those that are able to blow the biggest clouds with their vape. We don’t really vaporize e-juice, but we still think it’s pretty dope to see the large clouds of vapor that some of them are able to produce.

Since the fan base has become so huge, we believe it’s only right to start blending these types of events with hip hop shows and annual summer urban festivals. It’s something that adds more diversity to the usual freestyle or producer battle type of showcase. If you’re not interested in the opening rounds of a battle that you came to see, you can always take a peek at what’s going on in the vaporizer tent until your favorite artist hits the stage.

If you’re not too familiar with this trend you may be hesitant to enter into a tent full of vapor, but remember not all vaporizers consume e-juice. Many of them consume hemp oil, wax, butter and or concentrates. If this idea were to run properly we think it would be best fit with 2 tents, one for cannabis consumption and the other for e-juice / nicotine.

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