Top Underground Hip Hop Producers

Urban MusicWelcome to our website. We are hip hop connoisseurs from the US, Canada and Europe looking to share our favorite music with the world. This page will mostly feature beats from urban music producers who are on the come up. Some have established names in the urban community while others are just starting to get a buzz. Check back regularly as we will be updating this website with more music often.

Our Top 3 Producers

We were a big fan of the redbull big tune battles that went down back in 2010 and later. Many top quality producers came out of this comp. Some went on to do big things and are still making moves in the industry, while others have kind of faded away. Some of our favorites include 14KT, Dibiase & !llmind.

We recently heard Coast2Coast’s, top 50 instrumentals mixtape and a few more names popped up at us as well. Producers such as; Yak Beats, Poizunus & Moneyrollbeats to name a few.

If we had to choose a top 3 though, we would definitely have to go with !llmind, Dibiase & Poizunus. Poizunus is one of the lesser known names in the production game. We liked his beat on the Coast to Coast mixtape mostly because it stood out. If you’re looking for some of the best hip hop instrumentals from a newcomer, then definitely check him out.

You can also access his blog for new hip hop beats and collaborations with some upcoming and established artists. Or, find some nice rap beats for sale at a decent price.

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